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      ECS, the leading object-storage platform from Dell EMC, has been engineered to support both traditional and next-generation workloads alike. Deployable in a software-defined model or as a turnkey appliance, ECS boasts unmatched scalability, manageability, resilience, and economics to meet the demands of modern business.

    • Learn how ECS powers enterprise workloads.

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    • ECS EX300 appliance

      Dell EMC ECS EX300

      Starting at 60 TB, the EX300 can both grow to exabyte-scale and lower adoption barriers 

      • Scale-out nodes
      • Front-accessible and hot-pluggable drives 
      • Identical performance characteristics with every node
    • ECS EX500 appliance

      Dell EMC ECS EX500

      The perfect blend of economy and density, the EX500 injects even greater flexibility into the ECS appliance portfolio

      • Scale-out nodes
      • Improved performance via dual, 10 core processors
      • Identical performance characteristics with every node
    • ECS EX3000 appliance

      Dell EMC ECS EX3000

      Packing an unprecedented 8.6 PB per rack, the EX3000 is the ideal high density, low cost, multipurpose object storage system

      • Single and dual node configurations
      • Drawer accessible and hot-pluggable drives
      • Standard, 12TB disk drives per node
    • Products Description Use Cases Architecture Upgrade Options

      ECS EX300

      Shop EX300

      • Flexible object storage platform that lowers the starting costs of a cluster and can scale up to exabytes as needed
      • Ideal for modernizing Centera or Atmos environments and storing data generated by modern applications
      • Intel x86 servers
      • Integrated storage
      • 12 disk drives per node
      • Scale out by additional nodes only

      ECS EX500

      Shop EX500

      • A versatile option for midsized enterprises with rack capacity ranging from 480TB to 4.6PB
      • Ideal for supporting modern application, deep archive, or multi-purpose use cases
      • Intel x86 servers
      • Integrated storage
      • 12 or 24 disk drives per node
      • Scale out by additional nodes only
      • 12 drive capacity upgrade kit

      ECS EX3000

      Shop EX3000

      • Ultra-dense object storage platform that packs up to 8.6 petabytes per rack and can grow to exabyte scale
      • Ideal for cloud-native workloads and organizations with large, long-term archival requirements
      • Intel x86 servers
      • Integrated storage
      • EX3000S: Up to 90 disk drives per node
      • EX3000D: Up to 45 disk drives per node
      • 15 drive node upgrade kit

    • Do More with Data

      • If data is the lifeblood of the modern business, ECS is the heartbeat—providing organizations with an object-storage platform capable of supporting both traditional and modern workloads.

        ECS unlocks the potential of every business, powering critical use cases such as line-of-business applications, websites, mobile apps, IoT data stores, analytics initiatives, long-term archives, and much more. An enterprise-ready platform, ECS enables organizations to simplify object storage management, visualize information in new ways, and empower the business to do more with data, all at a lower total-cost-of-ownership.

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        Streamline object storage: Meet any capacity requirements, protect data, and manage ECS with ease using built-in, enterprise capabilities

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        Gain new insights: Get a deeper look into system health and locate data faster than ever before

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        Build next-gen solutions: From modern app development to deep archives, leverage the versatility and scale of ECS to power a data-driven future

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      Gartner Magic Quadrant

      Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage recognizes Dell EMC as a Leader for the fourth consecutive year.

    • ECS Object Storage Resources

    Customer Stories
    • ECS improves healthcare


      Accelerating time-to-care

      ECS object storage helps Phoenix Children’s Hospital extract terabytes of data in less than an hour.

    • ECS lowers TCO


      Lowering total-cost-of-ownership

      ECS helps boost efficiency 75%, cut risk, and reduce capital costs 30% by replacing storage and backup silos with a seamless Dell EMC platform.

    • ECS helps development teams

      Customer Story: VERIZON LABS

      Focusing on the application

      ECS enables Verizon Labs engineers to focus on application development without worrying about data management.

    Use Cases
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      Geo-protected archive

      Store, protect, and manage all archive data globally, including HDFS data analytics.

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      Object storage for next-gen apps

      Design mobile, cloud, big data, and social applications with superior agility and economics.

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      Store and transform customer data to identify new insights and opportunities with one-storage architecture.

    Analyst Validation
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      Economic Analysis: On-premises Object Storage

      See how ESG analysts evaluate the economic benefits of on-premises object storage versus the public cloud.

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      IDC Technology Spotlight

      See why object storage is a true enabler and accelerator of digital transformation.

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      Forrester TEI: ECS Solution

      This study provides readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of ECS on their organizations.

    Essential Reading
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      ECS Solution Overview

      This solution overview articulates the value of ECS and describes its main use cases.

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      ECS: Overview and Architecture

      This whitepaper provides an in-depth architecture overview of ECS, the Dell EMC software-defined cloud-scale object storage platform.

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      ECS: Best Practices

      This whitepaper provides general best practices for the deployment, configuration, and use of ECS.

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      ECS: High Availability Design

      This whitepaper describes the architectural details about how the ECS platform provides enterprise availability.

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      ECS with PCF

      This document is a reference guide for configuring Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) with ECS.

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      ECS with Data Domain Cloud Tier

      This document describes how the Data Domain Cloud Tier technology integrates with ECS to provide a massively scalable architecture.

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      More choice, flexibility and assurance in how you consume IT infrastructure

      Dell Technologies On Demand offers a consumption-driven, as-a-service optimized business model ideally suited for the way on-premises infrastructure and expertise is consumed in the on-demand economy.

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      ProDeploy Enterprise Suite

      Integrate new technology into existing environments with confidence through extensive planning and validation by expert certified engineers.

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      ProSupport Enterprise Suite

      Highly trained experts around the clock and around the globe address your IT needs, minimize disruptions and maintain a high-level of productivity.

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